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When our agents run enrollments for your employer clients, you can count on a simple, consistent experience every time.  Our team receives some of the best training in the industry. Our proprietary, repeatable enrollment method maximizes success and results.

Our vision is to be the first choice for you and your clients who seek personal and flexible enrollment solutions, for true voluntary cases, regardless of size or complexity.

How we’re different

Simplicity. We’re people-focused, not technology-dependent, so our enrollments are conducted face-to-face with employees, helping them decide what they need. After all, it isn’t a benefit if an employee doesn’t truly understand it.

Flexibility. We’ll help you succeed regardless of size or location as our sweet spots include challenging enrollment situations, and small to mid-size employer groups. Our agents excel at delivering results through our unique and proprietary marketing system.

Adaptability. Any or all of your needs can be supported. Our solutions range from sales and quoting, to employee education and enrollment. We can manage a single case enrollment or multi-site enrollments, or create a full block-of-business reservice solution.

Products. We can enroll your products and ours! Give your clients the products their employees want without spending time researching them. Our product portfolio offers high-quality voluntary products, including those with our popular return-of-premium options.

Consistency. Maximize success and results with our high-quality, well-trained career agents who use a consistent and repeatable enrollment methodology.

Compensation. Earn more and grow faster with our industry-leading compensation sharing options (particularly on non-proprietary products), and no set fees or administrative costs.

Referral Rewards. Refer us to other insurance brokers, and earn additional income through our broker referral program. Your satisfaction and support translates into more compensation for you.*

Loyalty Protection. As your clients continue to use our solutions, our partnership is protected by not allowing other insurance brokers to sell Washington National products into participating groups.

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